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Publications and Presentations

Publications (selected)

Speaking Engagements (selected)

  • "Adjusting One's Advocacy to Meet the Contrasting Rules, Customs and Expectations in Jury Trial, Domestic Arbitration, and International Arbitration Settings," Litigation Counsel of America 2018 Fellows Conference, Rhode Island, November 2018 (lecturer).
  • "Arbitrating Technology and IP Disputes," SCCA19, Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, Riyadh, October 2019 (speaker).
  • "Commercial Dispute Resolution in China," conference sponsored by Beijing Arbitration Commission, JAMS, SVAMC, San Francisco, June 2019 (delivered closing remarks).
  • "Designing Global ADR Processes for the Future: 5G and the Internet of Things," JAMS, San Francisco, September 2018 (speaker).
  • "Developments in International Arbitration in the Asia Pacific Region," California International Arbitration Summit, AAA/ICDR, Los Angeles, December 2016 (moderator).
  • "Doing Business in China: Why Arbitration Matters," Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and Hong Kong Economic &Trade Office, San Francisco, May 2019 (speaker).
  • "Doing Business in China," Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel, Santa Clara, California, November 2016 (speaker).
  • "Due Process in International Arbitration: Sword or Shield - A Debate," SCCA19, Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, Riyadh, October 2019 (debater).
  • "Effective Litigation of Complex Technology Disputes," IBA Annual Litigation Forum, IBA Litigation Committee, San Francisco, April 2016 (moderator).
  • "JAA International Mock Arbitration Seminar," Japan Arbitrators Association and Japan Commercial Arbitration Association, Tokyo, Spring 2012 (all day mock arbitration) (co-moderator).
  • "New Ways of Taking and Presenting Evidence, and Dealing with Big Data," IBA Annual Litigation Forum, IBA Litigation Committee, Zurich, May 2017 (co-moderator).
  • "Planning for and Effective Handling of Cross-Border Disputes," Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel, San Jose, California, June 2018 (lecturer).
  • "Remedies, Specific Performance, and Interim Relief in International Arbitration," 8th Annual GAR Live Hong Kong! Hong Kong, November 2018 (speaker).
  • "Surveying the Landscape of Arbitration in the Pacific Rim," ICC West Coast Conference, San Francisco, April 2019 (moderator).
  • "The Arbitrator's Authority: Scope and Limits," ICC Institute for Advanced Training, San Francisco, May 2017 (faculty).
  • "The Future of Global Disputes: How the 'Globalizing' Economy Will Impact Big Law, Litigation Practice, and the ADR Industry," JAMS's 15th Annual Owners' Meeting, Torrey Pines, California, May 2013 (keynote speaker).
  • "What Keeps Corporate Counsel Awake When Their Clients Go Abroad," DLA Piper Global Technology Summit, Menlo Park, California, September 2016 (moderator).
  • "Your Next Arbitration: 25 Practical Tips," ABA Section of Litigation Annual Meeting, San Diego, May 2018 (speaker).
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